About Me & My Blog

About My Blog

Versus Blurb is my blog about books I’ve read and stories I’ve written. And some nonsense. Don’t forget the nonsense.

Why Versus Blurb? I thought it sounded cool. Right up until I actually tried to tell someone, vocally, what the name of my blog was. Versus Blurb. Try saying it five times fast. The tongue was tempted to twist and trip all over itself.

Every week I aim to post a haiku and a flash fiction / mini story. I love reading books, but unfortunately I don’t have the time I used to and so I’ve reduced my scheduled book reviews to one every two weeks. If I postΒ more book reviews than that, consider it a bonus πŸ™‚

Marigolds at the Alhambra Palace in Spain πŸ™‚

About Me

I’ve been reading since I fell in love with Enid Blyton’s mysteries when I was eight. Actually I don’t remember how old I was, only that I’ve never stopped reading since.

I’ve been writing short stories since I was twelve and full-length books since I was fifteen. It’s still fun.

Haikus are a bit of a new thing for me, so the novelty is yet to wear off. I think every teenager has dabbled with poetry, but now that I’ve gone back to it I’m finding it much more fun and far less morose.



36 thoughts on “About Me & My Blog

  1. I was hooked on Enid Blyton too! As well as the adventures and mysteries, I loved her descriptions of food, especially midnight feasts and picnics… Now that I think about it, I’ll blame Enid for my food obsession. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Hi Marigold! Got here at last. I loved Enid Blyton, spent hours reading her books and like you, never stopped! Great to meet you and your wonderful blog ~ Sherri πŸ™‚


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