So I Have Bling Now…


I have a sapphire ring and a snake ring, to represent my birth month and birth year respectively. A little cheesy, I know, but I like them. My mum isn’t fond of wearing rings so she decided to give me a couple she hadn’t worn in a while, and they’re small, so I can only wear them on my ring fingers. This got me thinking… is it okay for me to wear a ring on my ‘wedding’ finger even if I’m not married/engaged/planning to be anything? It is the ring finger after all – the perfect finger to wear a ring so it seems too restrictive to me to cut it out entirely.

In my wisdom I decided to google the question (mostly out of curiosity, although it did make my decision easier) and was impressed to find this:

The poll is 3 years old but 51% of people basically says it’s up to you. That’s pretty awesome. I don’t want to disrespect anyone who sees that finger as special, but I figure my finger is for me. If I want to wear a pretty ring well… I guess I’ll wear a pretty ring 🙂

Have I over-thought this? Does anyone else get these moments of curiosity? Do randoms actually notice a ring being present or absent and question you on them? My friends and family know I’m not getting married, so there’s no confusion there. It would only be about strangers and why would I care what they think anyway? I wear my rings with shorts and t-shirt 🙂

I’d love to hear your comments.