@RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku Challenge: Ill & Rest

In response to Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge: Ill and Rest

A sleep too restless

Tiredness leaves me open

illness in autumn

I am not sick, which is quite new for me at this time of year. I hope it’s the start of a healthy flu season for me, since last year I picked up various infections and had three separate instances of being horribly sick, along with the usual sniffles and irritants winter must include.

Having said that, I haven’t been sleeping too well lately, but I think that’s because I haven’t had the time to write so much, so my imagination is going haywire and treating me to lucid dreams at night. Seriously, so far I’ve explored cities, jungles, wastelands, spoken to hundreds of people, solved the odd murder, and gotten at least a dozen different superpowers in my sleep. I should be happy about that, but it’s making it difficult for me to wake up.

Oh, and just a fun one to finish off:

Rest today, but am

Looking forward to getting

ill from choc-o-late

See what I did there? 😉


@RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku Challenge: Foul & Sweet

In response to Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge: Foul & Sweet

 Unopened choc’late

Was a treat from holidays

 But the sweet turned foul.


This happened to me just last night, so I wished I’d taken a picture of the off chocolate before I threw it in the bin. Actually, it was the very same chocolate which I had written a haiku about after I’d come back from holidays last year. I had called it “green tea and daggers“. Above is the photo I took after I came back from holidays (that’s 11th October 2014 for my American friends).

It was my last green tea flavoured kitkat, and it had gone all permanently half-melted…

On another note, how many syllables are in chocolate? I pronounce it as “choc’late” so I wrote it like that to emphasis that pronunciation, but I suppose there must be some people who pronounce it properly. Does anyone here pronounce the whole three syllables?

And thanks again to Ronovan for another great haiku challenge!

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@RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge

In response to Ronovan Writes’ Weekly Haiku Challenge: Miss & Past

Sir Terry Pratchett

Though you have now passed,

You will still inspire us.

We will all miss you.

 Rest In Peace Terry Pratchett, creator, satirist, brilliantly clever.

P.S. We will keep the orangutans safe.



@RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku Challenge: Beast& Day

In response to Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge

When one day’s delay

left Beast heartbroken, dying,

Beauty’s heart broke too.

We take for granted

The love we have for others

Don’t leave it too late…

poetry prompt

Weekly Haiku Prompt: Remember Those Without

Caught in first world issues

We so rarely glimpse outside.

Blind to the harsh world.

There are so many instances when the world has been outraged about some calamity and then forgotten about it the very next week. We prefer to forget – it is easier than remembering just how terrible the world is, and how terrible we ‘humans’ can be. But we must keep our eyes open so we know how lucky we are and remember to show kindness to everyone. You never know what they’ve been through.

Thanks again to Ronovan for the weekly haiku prompt.


Weekly Haiku Challenge: A Contented Hermit

Your wait is wasted.

If this is the path you want

I cannot follow.

You think to help me?

Then do not dare to guilt me.

Here, I am content.


Thanks to Ronovan for this week’s haiku challenge: wait & follow.


Weekly Haiku Challenge: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

“Fifty Shades of Grey…

Why’s it on Valentine’s Day?

That is just messed up.”

“Each to their own, yeah?

We’re free to like what we like.

You’re not forced to watch.”

“I don’t really care.

For me, Valentine’s is just

To eat cheap choc’late.”


In case you were wondering, I agree most with the final opinion 😉 Don’t even need to be in a relationship to reap the benefits of Valentine’s Day!

Thanks again to Ronovan for this week’s haiku challenge: Force and Free.


Weekly Haiku Challenge: Lethargic Heat


Fret about the heat

Long warm days tiring me out

Wish the weather’d chill

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge this week was fret & chill.

Maybe it’s a little selfish to complain about heat when my friends in the Northern Hemisphere are still in winter (though some are telling me it’s getting nice and mild, others still have pictures to prove the snow’s still around). I guess I’ve just had a slack day. Almost went for an afternoon snooze, and now I feel like the heat of the day is brimming under my skin. I should take my own advice and drink more water.

Gonna have an ice cold drink now 🙂

PS ‘Tiring’ is two syllables. Trust me, I googled it 😉

PPS I know the photo was taken back in October, but it was a good one, and I was too lazy to go outside and take a new picture of glaring sunlight. Plus the plant probably isn’t in bloom like that anymore. I think it’s the apartment block next door’s front yard?

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Weekly Haiku Challenge: #Tay4Hottest100

If the hipsters fail

Pop music comes out on top

Gotta Shake It Off!

Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge has provided a surprisingly relevant challenge with the words ‘pop’ and ‘fail’.

While I’m not big into music, I am big into watching indies completely lose their sh*t over #Tay4Hottest100

This isn’t because I’m a horrible and vidictive person (…well, that isn’t THE reason) I just think it will be funny.

For those who don’t know, every Australia Day (that’s January 26th, the landing of the First Fleet, so there’s plenty of controversy surrounding that day without this mess but this isn’t the time for that…) Triple J (which is an old and hugely popular alternative radio station that airs across the country) counts down their Hottest 100 list of songs from the previous year. Triple J is for indies, hipsters, and people who enjoy alternative music, but it’s become something of a tradition that every Australia Day EVERYONE MUST (along with the older traditions of getting drunk, eating lamb, and sitting in a blow-up pool #straya) listen to the Triple J countdown and complain about it.

It’s pretty rare for any ‘popular’ song to make the list. I think the three times I took part in this two decade old tradition I couldn’t recognise any of the songs played, except for that one time when Thrift Shop took the top spot.

Taylor Swift’s Aussie fans have collectively decided to rort the system by voting “Shake It Off”, the poppiest pop song ever, into what is pretty much the anti-pop charts. See, anyone can vote online for the Hottest 100, but the list of song choices are made up of what Triple J has played in the last year, which does not include any Taylor Swift song. Being liberally minded folk, Triple J has a loop-hole where you can type in the name and artist of the song you want to vote for. What has usually been the domain of Triple J die-hards has now attracted the focus of people who want prove their dedication to Taylor Swift, just because they can.

This sh*t has made the news in Australia repeatedly for the past month. I kind of hope these Swifties win, just to see peoples reactions to it 🙂




Weekly Haiku Challenge: Je Suis Charlie

Heartening support

For the Freedom of the Press.

Oui, Je Suis Charlie.

When Ronovan set his challenge to use the word ‘freedom’ I could think of nothing else but Charlie Hebdo. ‘Joy’ was a little inappropriate, I thought, but luckily Ronovan allows the use of synonyms, so I was able to use ‘heartening’.

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