Frangipanis, hibiscus, and berries I can’t identify

Here are photos from my latest stroll around the neighbourhood.

There are these funny berry things that I’m sure are poisonous (rule of thumb in Australia – if you don’t know what it is, it will probably kill you ).


Lots of frangipanis in bloom, even the little trees:


With all different colours 🙂





The ground around the trees are just littered with fallen flowers!



The hibiscuses were out too. I’ve always loved hibiscuses. Their name sounds like biscuits and they’re beautiful.



Wow, those last ones look a bit creepy. Like alien eyes that want to suck the blood out of you. Does anyone remember Jumanji? That flower looked a little like a hibiscus…

Erm, anyway, one last sunny picture!


Summer’s Here!!!

And the Poinciana’s gone CRAZY! Which is just amazing of course. If Jacaranda is the tree for Spring and Frangipani for Summer, Poinciana is to bridge the gap between 🙂




I’ve been told the reason the trees are so packed with bright red flowers is because we haven’t had any rain yet to knock the flowers down. It would be nice to have some rain though, especially for the farmers in regional areas. Summer is great, but if it’s not flooding, it’s drought.

Anyway, I found the last dregs of the Jacaranda blooms:


The Frangipanis are getting started too…




And I found some surprise sunflowers! They’re on the fenceline of an apartment block, so I’m not sure who tends to them, but they look great!


I love walking around my neighbourhood to see the change of the plants and the seasons. We don’t have ”proper” seasons in Brisbane but we do get some beauty from nature to tell the turn of time. I really should post my photos of flowers more, or just whatever I fancy taking a photo of. I love seeing other people’s photos, like on Midwestern Plants or Tea and Paper or To Search and Find Happiness Everyday (I’m sorry if I missed anyone!), so I’m going to do it too 🙂

I took these photos Tuesday afternoon, 18 November 2014.

Haiku: Holiday on the Horizon


So sick of this cold

Long for my bones to be warm

Welcoming the sun.

So close, so close now.

August is gone. Winter, gone.

Holiday coming.

To Spain, on to Spain.

And then return to summer.

Can’t wait to be warm.

I’m off to Spain in two weeks with my mum, and I won’t be back in Australia until October. I can’t wait for the trip, of course, but mostly I just want sunshine and warm, humid air again. Atmosphere. That’s what I miss.