Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle


The prompt this week was ‘circle’ to celebrate the new year but also to be interpreted any which way we liked ­čÖé The memory of visiting the temple of Athena at the ancient site of Delphi came to mind. See the circle? Many of these structures found at religious sites have an unknown purpose, making it even more intriguing. Was it an altar? A place of prayer? Was there once a grand statue in the middle? Either way, it makes for a good tourist shot.

(Greece is well worth visiting if you love archaeology!)

Happy New Year Everyone!

Last Weekend’s Redcliffe Trip

DSCN7408Last Saturday me and Mum drove up to Redcliffe for fish & chips. It was raining when we got up there, and the fish and chips were awful, but eventually the rain cleared up and we had a nice a wander along the coast.



It was nice to see so many families about having barbeques or going for swims in the beach or the man-made ‘lagoon’. Actually, the lagoon was packed – a true sign that school holidays are a long way from being over.

Got some cool pictures of the rocky beaches with all the seaweed washed up, and if you saw my post from yesterday you’ll know there was heaps of jellyfish washed up too.




Ibis picking through the seaweed for some goodies


I love red dirt. Red was my favourite colour as a kid (I don’t really have a favourite now) and seeing that lovely dark┬áred always cheers me up.


Red dirt! Love it!

Found some nice flowers growing about too…



We finished our walk at the pier, and then worked our way back through the shops. Ate at Banjo’s cafe which I was surprised to find. It seemed to be everywhere in Hobart when I last visited, but this is the first time I’d seen one in Queensland. Or maybe I just hadn’t been looking.DSCN7451It was nice to play tourist in our own backyard. It’s easy to forget how a forty minute drive can be enough to get a change of scenery and inspire you to go exploring. We walked for about an hour and a half, and I was a bit shattered by the end (messed up low blood sugar and other rubbish. Should have had something healthier after the terrible fish and chips. I dunno…)

Do you ever play tourist? I feel sorry for all my American friends who are stuck inside for the foreseeable future, but never fear! The snow’s gotta stop at some point!