So… I quit my job today…


Actually, it went well. A boss who argues with you for leaving when you want a career change would have to be… well, the stereotypical narcissistic boss. I have had one (well, two, but they were married so…) of those in the past and thankfully, my current boss isn’t like that.


I mean, you can’t be sure of these things until they come to pass, right?

And as Homer Simpson said, “Now, to begin working in paradise.

I handed in my four weeks’ notice (standard for a fly-in, fly-out worker) so I will NOT be working in paradise just yet. I will, however, get a lovely summer break before university starts in February, which I am absolutely stoked about. I will get at least a SOLID MONTH of writing and blogging! How could I not love that?

And then… and then…

*takes deep breath*

I will foray into entirely new territory! Back at uni! Studying! Education! Come May, I will be in a high school classroom undergoing my first practical teaching lessons!

I shall rise to TEACH SCIENCE!!!

I hope I get a good placement, and a good mentor.

I am scared and excited.

Haiku: The Sign of a Perfect Day


Brightening sunlight

signals the end of freedom.

End of holidays.

One last pink blossom

to remind me of beauty;

its welcome surprise.

Now, it’s back to work.

Yet I can be contented

with this lone photo.

This memory in

my fingertips, remind me,

please, of brighter days.

Haiku: Separation


Ten minutes of peace

Walking down the graded path

Between the dry gums

Wary of snakes and

Annoyed by flies, violently

bombing my senses.

Still, this is relief

Leaving behind work troubles

The day is now done.

I need this to seal

the work day behind and savour

The small freedom gained.