Who I Really Am

Marigold Deidre Dicer is my pen name.

Margiold, for all the beautiful things I admire.

Deidre, for the old soul that resides within me.

Dicer, for the darker themes I love to explore.

If you haven’t heard of it, look up a video game called Lollipop Chainsaw by Suda 51. Replace the main character’s personality with the spirit of, I don’t know, Miss Marple or some other awesome old fuddy-duddy and you would basically have my ideal scenario. Actually, maybe I should write a letter to Suda and suggest the idea for a sequel…

Lollipop Chainsaw Cover Art.png

My real name is very ordinary. Chances are, you might know someone with the exact same name as me. So do I. There are far too many of us. Even in the suburb I live in, I know another person with my name. We frequent the same library.

So you can probably see why I decided to use a pen name.




16 thoughts on “Who I Really Am

  1. Hi Sarah. I’m so glad to have found your blog 🙂
    BTW your pen name is brilliant and I love the way you explained the entire thing 😉
    My name is Heena and I’m looking forward to share hell loads of comments with you. I love talking and what better way to interact with bloggers than comments!
    Have a great day.
    PS: Thanks for the follow-back.

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  2. I am checking back. 1. I am glad the geologist job has improved. 2. I am substitute teaching right now, and the children are scary. 3. University for 1 year would fly by, so don’t let that hold you back. 4. How’s the choice coming?

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      • I am placed anywhere they need me. I change schools and grades every day. The district just puts me in anytime a teacher calls out sick or busy or what not. I have had a job every day without fail because the district is so big!

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      • That sounds really busy! So at short notice you have to work out how to get to the school and then find your way around! Crazy. Are you hoping for a permanent position once you graduate?


      • Haha yes, the early morning wake up call is what is kicking my butt the most. Plus, I am not the greatest with finding my way around so I get lost quite a bit. I have a GPS that I plug into my car, and that helps, but I still hear her computer voice saying “Recalculating, Turn Around When Possible” way too often.
        I am actually not hoping for a permanent position. I will finish out my term with them until I graduate in May and school ends…but I don’t think teaching is for me. I am glad to have tried it, and I have learned a lot, but even with summer’s off, I don’t think my stress levels can handle it.

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      • Exactly. Because I will do it to pay off debt if necessary, and the experience is great. I would much rather find out now than get hired for a full year somewhere.
        What to do now?! Ugg…I just want to get paid to hike or run a book club haha….sooo, freelance write, work on my novel, and get any job that pays a lot to pay off student loans. Maybe in the Public Relations world. Then once our student loans are gone, we want to save money up and just go travel for a while. Or if you have suggestions, I’d take those too 🙂

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      • How do student loans work in America? In Aus, our HECS is linked to our tax so it gets taken out of our income once we’re earning a full time wage. So once people graduate uni, a lot of them bugger off to Europe to go backpacking and working in bars. Our student loans are also a low interest rate, but then the loan amount tends to be less too. Do you think you have the freedom to go backpacking? Or do you really need to pay off your loan asap?
        I hate the idea of being in debt, so I stayed at home with Mum and worked through uni without drinking or partying, so I paid my fees upfront. It just depends on what you’re comfortable with doing, I guess.


      • What a unique concept to handle the loans. Thank you for sharing, I love learning things about Australia from you! In America, our interest rates are low on the loans, and we have a 6 month grace period after graduation to find a job and begin to pay them off. However, we must make a monthly payment that is not automatically withdrawn. Cody and I hate being in debt, so while our peers will pay the minimum amount each month and take 20 or 30 years to do it, Cody and I hope to pay as much as we can per month, and have both of our loans payed off in 5 years. Then backpacking, baby! 😀 Our school cost so much because A) It was a private college, not public B) We went out of our home state, so the tuition was higher, and C) We are married = double the debt, but also double the income so it evens out.

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  3. I love your pen name and the way you explain your about me page. Life can be full of choices, it’s great that you’re taking this writing journey, good luck to you.


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