I like stats

Because I’m pedantic, and perhaps a bit vain too (but I’m not too proud to admit it). One of my favourite things about word press is it’s statistics function. For about a week now I’ve been compulsively, indulgently and guiltily checking it every hour or so. I know, I know, a watched pot never boils, but I find it fun in a strange way (I wouldn’t be surprised if my ancestors were bean counters).

But yesterday something really annoying happened. I posted, and you kind people liked, but my hits didn’t go up. I had never noticed this happening before. I worried there was a glitch in this glorious statistics page, but no. When I searched for the problem, I found that posts read in wordpress’ reader don’t count as hits!


Well, doesn’t that just make the whole compilation of data completely inaccurate! And there is no offense greater to scientist than inaccurate data!

Okay, I’m exaggerating. I was a bit miffed is all. And if you’ve gotten to this stage in the post, then you would know what I’ve done to rectify the situation.

I noticed some people had this setup where you had to navigate to their blog to read the whole post. So that was how you do it! By going through the forums I found how to emulate this wonderful function:

Go to dashboard. Click settings, then reading, and then where it says For each article in a feed, show select summary. Easy!

Well, actually I had trouble finding the dashboard, so I just copied and pasted this helpful directory:


That was easier.


I would like some feedback though. Do you find it annoying to have to click to my blog to read the whole post? I hope it isn’t inconvenient, but if you find it is, please tell me! But then, if you’ve gotten through this rant about statistics and you’re still here I’d expect I haven’t annoyed you too much 😉


I figured I’d stick this at the end here. I’ve got two new pages on my blog! If you hover over my About page you’ll find one labelled “Who I really am”. The other one is just a Contact Me page with the email I gave out a couple of days ago. I also wrote a sappy poem on the page. Because when I get tired I trip out on emotions.

I’m very tired now…

Good night everyone!



Reading & Writing Plans

This blog and everything that’s resulted from it (mostly, meeting all of you) has really motivated me to try new things. Before I was just reading whatever I found at the library and writing stories for my own enjoyment (and with the hope of getting published ‘one day’). But now, with all the encouragement (and examples set) from motivated bloggers, I have seen there’s another way to go about it all.

So here’s how my reading and writing plans have changed for the rest of the year.

Start Reading Indie Books

I had tried ebooks before, but never really got into them. I have to admit I am one of those people who love to hold a physical book in their hands – to flick through the pages and smell a new book, to feel the texture of the paper under my thumb, these are the small pleasures in life. I am very particular about font, the size of the text and the contrast between the black ink and the colour of paper used (white paper is too bright, and a book automatically gives off a sense of intrigue if its pages are browned, like it has its own history attached to it). There will always be the romanticism attached to borrowing a book from the library (who else has laughed and cried while holding this very book?), but of course my local library will never have the sheer variety that exists on the internet.

And the world of blogging has plenty to recommend! At the moment I’ve just started to read:

Arafura by Susan Lattwein (I’ve never read a book set in Darwin before, and Susan does a great job at illustrating the top end – the crazy hot and humid coast is making a wonderful respite from the cold, dry-as-a-bone days I’ve been experiencing at work lately)

Dirty Blood by Heather Hildebrand, which Leiah reviewed recently on So, I read this book today and it seemed to be right up my alley.

Six Hours to Sunrise by Melissa R Smith, who actually got me onto Smashwords when I read her (awesomely named) blog That’s great Mom… but I have pie

Next up I’ve got my eye on the Maggie Newberry Mysteries by Susan Kiernan-Lewis, because I love cozy mystery and France (and wine and vineyards and… yep, definitely going to try this series next).

And I’ll be reading Stephanie Hurt‘s next book. Because pirates.

Okay, I’m a little bit overwhelmed now by the fact that I’ve only just scratched the surface of the independent author-world. But I’m still up for recommendations! Plus I’ll keep casing through the blogs I follow for more possible reads.

Babies And Their Pals!

Because dogs are babies’ best friend too 🙂


erin veyErin Vey

Cuteness overload in fur and nappies!
cute-big-dogs-and-babies-20Elena Shumilova

‘We can do this Brutus! If we start now, we should be in Maine by the morning!’blake gimmerBlake Gimmer

‘Hi ho silver!’brett manipoBrett Manipo

‘Hmmm, son, you’d make a very nice starter! But we cool. We cool.’cute-big-dogs-and-babies-2

‘Just me an’ my pal…shootin’ the breeze!’cute-big-dogs-and-babies-5cute-big-dogs-and-babies-6

‘I luh ya Papi!’cute-big-dogs-and-babies-12cute-big-dogs-and-babies-13

‘Whaddya see? Waddya see?’

‘I see cats.’cute-big-dogs-and-babies-17

‘I’m worried about you…you don’t look happy!’cute-big-dogs-and-babies-33

‘Me an’ ma pal gon’ ketch a wave dude…’erin vey 3Erin Vey

‘Git offa ma porch!’erin vey copyErin Veylindsey ockerLindsey Ockerlucu terbaru

‘Every got-damn time she gotta do this!’qGiHbU3

‘I luh ya Papi! 211

 Jen Hendricks

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Awesome New Harry Potter Covers from Bloomsbury

Photo: Exciting news! Tomorrow we will be revealing the new Jonny Duddle covers for 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' and 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'. We promise that you’re in for a treat!

As iconic as the original covers are, I think they were due for an update I really really love these new covers ❤ They do a much better job at conveying the magic inside. Well, actually the original Goblet of Fire cover was beautiful, but the new one gives the dragon scene much more detail. That’s the only one I could call a minor improvement – the rest of them are MAJOR improvements. I mean, I won’t be re-buying the books just for the new covers, but I’m very happy to look and share them 🙂

Oh, the original covers I’m talking about are the English ones, not the American ones. We got the same covers as the Brits here down under.

Photo: Excited to reveal Jonny Duddle’s covers for 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' and 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'. Which one is your favourite? Share this magical moment with every Harry Potter fan you know! 

Out 01.09.14. Pre-order these #HarryPotterBooks now: http://harrypotter.bloomsbury.com/


Win 100 Books from Allen & Unwin!


In celebration of Allen & Unwin’s hundredth year publishing, they’ve decided to give away 100 books to someone who answers a very simple question: who is your favourite author and why? Well, actually the question is ” of all the authors Allen & Unwin has ever published, who is your favourite, and why?” But considering they’ve published lots of big names of the classics, chances are your favourite author qualifies.

Just click the link here to enter! http://allenandunwin.pgtb.me/PXpV3D


Top Tips for Writers from Random House

This is a new blog post from Random House Australia. There’s not necessarily any new advice here, but everything listed is worth keeping in mind. Especially since the advice is from Random House’s Selina Walker (apparently a massively important editor who launched Fifty Shades of Grey, so yeah, I’ll take her advice).


Actually the first point is a good one: have a good title and a strong first chapter. So easy to forget sometimes. It’s so easy just to ‘write your way through the story’ instead. I usually have to rearrange and edit the first bit to make the first chapter exciting and not just ‘setting everything up’.




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