Fear of Having Nothing to Blog About

This morning I woke up excited to see what’s happened in blog-world since I went to bed. Being in Australia means the majority of the English-speaking world (Britain, America, even South Africa) tends to be awake while I’m asleep. So I got up, feeling pretty good while reading the comments on my own blog and the posts from other blogs I followed, and then something strange happened.

My mind became submersed in this idea that I had nothing interesting left to say.

I tried to think about what else I could blog about, but my brain only produced boring things. Like porridge. Yes, I tried to write a post about porridge. I tried to write a poem about porridge. Why am I still writing about porridge?!

How have you dominated my mind?!

I had to leave the computer. I made a cup of tea. I came back, closed my blog and tried to remember why I loved this painfully challenging practice just twenty minutes ago. Then it hit me – I was trying too hard. I don’t need to be trying to write a future blog post right this minute. I should just go back to what I enjoyed about blogging in the first place – reading.

People need all sorts of things for inspiration. For me, as soon as I went back to reading a book, then back to reading blogs I followed, the pressure was released. I had thoughts again (phew!). I was engaged in what other people were doing. I commented. I read comments. And I relaxed.

Crisis over, I was surprised it had happened in the first place. It was like I was suddenly overwhelmed by this unnecessary expectation. I had forgotten to have fun. That’s what we’re all here for right? Entertainment. Engagement (not the wedding kind; the engaging with the community kind). Escapism.

I feel a bit stupid now, but I still wanted to write this. This is full-circle closure. I am writing a blog post about not being able to write a blog post.

And I’m happy again 🙂


P.S. I am going to keep that porridge post in my hard-drive, as a reminder to not take things so bloody seriously.

14 thoughts on “Fear of Having Nothing to Blog About

  1. Hahah porridge! I love it! Thank you for such a frank post. It was lovely to engage with you on this topic 🙂 I am glad I am not the only one to be silly about this at times. Great reminder!


    • Thank you for commenting! I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets like this. I wonder if I’ll get used to it all eventually (sticking to a schedule and having something interesting to say)? You always have such wonderful stories on your blog, and I hope you’re feeling well again 🙂


      • Thank you so much for thinking my stories are wonderful! I just started blogging in March, and I have only been successful at scheduled posting for 2 weeks now. My June was horribly sporadic. I have a notebook that I write topic ideas down in. Have you tried that? And sometimes, it just doesn’t work, and porridge is the topic of choice 🙂 Haha, I just love your attitude about it all! I am feeling better thank you so much 🙂

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  2. BR Kyle says:

    I often have this problem as I’m easily distracted and have a terrible attention span. However, I am looking forward to this porridge post, keep up the good work 🙂

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    • Thank you for your words of encouragement! It’s nice to know someone else can appreciate porridge. Perhaps once I’m an incredibly good-looking and revered writer (and successful – I like money too) I shall look back on my life and dedicate a thrilling chapter to porridge in my biography 🙂 One can always dream…


    • Sometimes it works out that way 🙂 It’s good you have an example where being unable to write actually made someone a better writer! Though I also think needed that reality check and a little bit of self-awareness to say, “wow that was awful”. I think it helps me sort the wheat from the chaff in my own work. Or so I hope. Are you allowed to publish past students’ works online? I wouldn’t expect so, but I would love to see this speech about not writing a speech. Maybe I could learn a thing or two 😉


      • Hi Marigold,
        We can’t publish students’ work although I suppose if we quoted excerpts anonymously, we could get away with it. I wish I’d kept that speech though. It was a Year 10 assessment task speech and it had the audience ‘rolling around’ with laughter. It was well structured and incredibly witty and yet this was from a boy who could barely write legibly and performed below average in all written exams. I sometimes wonder what happened to him (it was over ten years ago) and hope he found his forte in life. If good humour is a criterion for success, he’d do pretty well.
        L 🙂

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      • I hope he’s found an outlet for his creativity. Thanks for sharing the story 🙂 Whatever’s happened to him, you know he’s had one moment in his life when he was at the center of attention for all the right reasons. Hopefully that moment propelled him on to great confidence and greater things.


  3. Such an entertaining post about a feeling I think most of us give in to from time to time. I usually pull myself out of it by remembering that blogging has given me a community of writers whose work I enjoy to interact with — like you!

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    • You’re absolutely right, and I was astounded at how inspired I became when I just went back to reading blogs and comments like yours! Honestly if it wasn’t for the brilliantly supportive community made up of people like you, this wouldn’t be nearly so much fun. And I would probably be still ‘trying too hard’. Positive comments like yours really gives me the confidence to keep going, and doing so honestly!


    • Blog on! I love it! I kind of wish it would hurry up and become second nature already but then I have to remind myself that sort of thing takes time. I guess I’m just too impatient 😉 Still, I’m always pleased to have reassurance that it will get better in the future. But then, as you said, there comes another conundrum of picking what topics to write. I can see that sending me dizzy too. But happy dizzy 🙂


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