Weekly #Photography Challenge: Ephemeral

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”


  1. lasting for a very short time.

Well, I had to look that one up. Daily Post could’ve just said ‘fleeting’ and I would’ve been fine but noooo….

Turns out, the answer to this week’s challenge was on our back balcony. We have two little potted herbs there that have been just barely hanging onto life since we moved. The balcony is so sheltered and in completely the wrong place so for most of the day it’s in complete shade. It only gets direct natural light for a maximum two hours every late afternoon, and with that, our chives and parsley have been able to hang in there.


You can do it!

So yes: ephemeral.


9 thoughts on “Weekly #Photography Challenge: Ephemeral

  1. Oh I am so excited to garden and grow herbs. Our current apartment has practically zero natural light, but once we move I am going to grow cilantro like crazy. Hang on chives and parsley! Hang on 🙂

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    • It is the worst thing about living in an apartment! I had to look up what cilantro is, turns out it’s coriander! Do you use that word in America? I love the herb, it’s so fresh and yummy for Thai cooking.
      I’m sure you’ll get a good green thumb once you two have got your own backyard!


      • Coriander is familiar to me because I read a London cooking blog…but yeah, it is mostly called cilantro here. I have never tried my hand at Thai cooking. We used it in fish tacos last night. But I might have to try to find a Thai recipe for my repertoire. Let me know if you have an suggestions 🙂

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    • Neither am I, but these guys used to be easy! Just leave ’em outside in direct sunlight and remember to water them once in a blue moon and they’d burst into a bush of readily harvestable herbs!. Not anymore!

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