A Memory from Spain – Gaudi Puzzle


During the Christmas break, me and Mum managed to dig into one of our souvenirs and, lo and behold, we completed it! A one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle beautifully showing off all of Gaudi’s famous architecture in Barcelona!


It was really challenging at times T-T but we got there! The shadows made things a bit hard, as well as the obscure and irregular designs Gaudi made meant it was difficult to sensibly piece it together. I feel like we really achieved something.

Having said that, I don’t think we’ll be trying it again until next Christmas…

12 thoughts on “A Memory from Spain – Gaudi Puzzle

  1. Good for the brain, and the colours must have helped a bit. I like bright jigsaws, some are just too monochrome and all you end up doing is sorting by shape and trying every piece because there is no clue to go by.

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    • The colours did help, but not as much as I expected. I agree, it’s hard to find good puzzles. So many of them are just “here’s a photo of an animal with all this sky or water or grass around it – go”. As soon as I saw this puzzle, I knew I had to buy it. The pieces were so tiny though! Like, 3/4 the size of a regular piece. Made it not take up so much room, but you had to focus a bit to see what was actually on the piece.

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